Deactivating Custom Products on Your FOL Web Site

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You can deactivate a product on your FOL Web site, allowing you to continue to have the product on the site, but not show it to customers. This is particularly useful if you are out of stock on an item, or if it is used only for particular holidays.

To deactivate a custom product on your FOL Web site:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, in the Search area, click Product. The Product Search window opens.
  2. Enter criteria to locate the product and click Search.
  3. From the results list, double-click the product. The Product Entry window opens.
  4. Click the Add to FOL Web Site button. The FOL Product window opens.
  5. Select the FOL site for the product you want to deactivate. (You must pick a site where the Product Status is active.)
  6. The window displays information about the product as it currently exists on the selected Web site. In the product information area, click the Disable check box.
  7. Click Send.

Once the product has been successfully marked as disabled, the Product Status will change to Disabled and the Update Status will change to Updated.

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