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Over time you may have multiple customer accounts that are actually for the same customer. This can occur if you migrated from another floral management system, or if you created a different account because you could not find the original account for a customer. Regardless, FTD Mercury provides you a way to merge multiple customer accounts into a single account using the Merge Customer utility. Merging duplicate customer accounts provides the following benefits:

  • Single billing statements for customers.
  • Customers only receive one copy of marketing materials for marketing campaigns.
  • Combined customer purchase history.

Customer Merge is, by default, limited to users who are the Administrator employee type. You can change this from the Window Access screen in Mercury Administration.

When you merge customer accounts, notes, credit card information, phone numbers, contacts, recipients, and standing order information will be merged into the Master Account (if the Master Account does not already have this information).

Before You Merge Customers

Prior to merging customers, you need to know the following information:

  • The account into which you want to merge customers. This is the Master Account, and it will be retained after you perform the customer merge.
  • The customer accounts you want to merge into the Master Account. These accounts will be removed after the merge. You must ensure these accounts are not set to Do Not Purge; otherwise, they will not be merged.
  • If accounts you are merging into the Master Account have balances, the Master Account must also have a house account.


FTD strongly recommends you do not merge customers during regular business hours when your clerks are taking orders. This eliminates the possibility a clerk will be taking an order for a customer account you are merging into another customer account.

What You Cannot Merge

Customer accounts you are merging into the Master Account cannot be marked as Do Not Purge (because these accounts will be purged following merging them into the Master Account). If you attempt to merge an account that is set as Do Not Purge, you will receive a warning message.

Additionally, you cannot merge wire service or cash accounts. These are special accounts, and will not show up when you search for accounts to merge.

Merging Customer Accounts

To merge customer accounts:

  1. In the FTD Mercury Main Menu, on the Tools menu, click Merge Customers. Depending on your system configuration, the Audit Trail window may open. Enter your user name, password, and any notes about the customer merge and then click OK.
  2. When the Customer Merge window opens, in the Search Parameters area, enter one or more search parameters you want to use to locate the customer account you want to use as the Master Account. You can also use a bar code scanner to scan a customer’s account ID from a statement. Click Search.
  3. From the results list, select the account you want to use as the Master Account and click Select Master. The Master Account will be identified in the center of the window.
    Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngYou can select an inactive account as the Master Account. Any accounts you merge into an inactive account will become inactive (based on the Master Account’s inactive setting).
  4. If accounts you want to merge into the Master Account are in the results list, select the box in the Merge column to mark them as ones you want to merge.
  5. Click Merge.
  6. If required, enter your employee name, password, and optionally any notes in the Audit Trail window and click OK.
  7. When a window appears asking if you want to print a report of the master account and the customer accounts being merged, either select Yes or No.
    Image:ImportantInfoIcon.pngFTD strongly recommends you print this list for your records. Once the merge occurs, you will not be able to determine the accounts that were merged into the Master Account.
  8. When a window appears asking if you want to continue with the merge, click Yes. Those accounts will be merged into the Master Account.
  9. If you need to search for more customer accounts to merge into the Master Account, enter new search parameters and click Search. The Master Account will be retained. You can then click on the box in the Merge column for other accounts and click Merge to merge them into the selected Master Account.
  10. When you have finished merging accounts into the Master Account, click Close to close the Customer Merge window.

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