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The Life Cycle tab enables you to see Customer Life Cycle events for this customer. Depending on the Audit Trail configuration in FTD Mercury, you may be required to enter your user name and password when accessing this tab.

The following events are tracked for customers:

  • Customer account creation (via Order Entry or Customer Search)
  • House account assignment
  • Account merge
  • Credit card editing (an entry will be made regardless of whether the credit card is actually edited or not, enabling you to see if a customer’s credit card was viewed)
  • Received on Account payment cancellation
  • Received on Account entries
  • Customer account updates (to names, addresses, marketing options, house account details, statement options, etc.)
  • Personal email messages
  • Viewing the Life Cycle tab for a customer


During an upgrade from Mercury X1 or earlier, an entry will be made in the Life Cycle tab for customers that shows the account creation date. Additionally, if the customer has a house account, that account will also be recorded during the upgrade.

Each entry in the Life Cycle tab has the following information:

  • Date (full date and time)
  • Employee (if available—some Life Cycle events, such as account creation and ROA activities, will always have an associated employee, but some will only have associated employees depending on Audit Trail settings in Mercury Administration)
  • Status
  • Text

Printing Life Cycle Detail

You can print a report of a customer’s Life Cycle activities by clicking the Print Life Cycle Detail button at the bottom of the Life Cycle tab. The report contains not only the list of activities, but also information about the customer, including their name, account number, primary address, and primary phone number.

To print the customer account life cycle details report:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, in the Search area, click Customer, and perform a customer search.
  2. When found, double-click on the customer’s name in the list to open the Customer Detail Information window.
  3. Click the Life Cycle tab.
  4. Click Print Life Cycle Detail.

Customer Account Life Cycle Details Report

The Customer Account Life Cycle Details report shows the life cycle events for a customer account. It is essentially a printed record of what is available in the Life Cycle tab of the Customer Detail Information window. You can print it by clicking Print Life Cycle Detail in that tab for the customer.

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