Card Messages and Font Sizes

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The default font size for card messages is 16 point, which is perfect for most card messages. You can change the font size for cards in Mercury Administration.

There may be an instance when a customer wants to include a very long card message on the card. For example, the default 16 point font may be too large to fit on the card. If the font size is too large for the long card message to fit on the card, you receive a message similar to this:

The Card Message is currently 23 lines with a font size of 16 points. This is too large and will print over the guarantee on the invoice. The suggested font size for your card is 6 points. Would you like to change to this font size?

Click Yes to accept the font size change so that the card message fits on the card. If you click No, the printed message exceeds the size of the card. You may then have to hand write a card for the customer. If you click Cancel, you return to the Order Entry or Point of Sale window without accepting changes.

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