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A credit card's CVV (card verification value) is optionally captured in the Payment screens in both Order Entry and Receive Payment on Account screens in FTD Mercury and Connect.

By entering a card's CVV, the risk of fraudulent activity is greatly reduced.

Entering a CVV

The CVV field is enabled only if Credit is selected as the payment type. This value can only be entered if the cardholder is present and you can view the CVV on the back of the credit card. A maximum of four characters can be entered in the CVV field.

Once the order is completed and saved, the CVV code will not be visible.

Understanding CVV Response Codes

If the authorization is successfully processed and a CVV code was entered, a CVV response code may be visible in the CVV field. If a CVV code was not entered, the CVV field will be blank.

If the CVV did not match during authorization, a CVV response code of N, indicating "No Match" will be displayed in the CVV field.

On the Credit Card Authorization screen, the CVV results are displayed in the Approval/AVS/CVV field. The syntax of this field is <Authorization Code>/<AVS results>/<CVV results>. If a CVV code was not entered during the payment process, the CVV field will be blank. The CVV response codes are:

  • M: CVV code matched
  • P: CVV code was not processed
  • S: CVV code was not Processed (The CVV should be on the card but the merchant indicated that the CVV is not present)
  • U: CVV code was not Processed (The Issuer is not certified for CVV processing)

When viewing the View Credit Card Authorization screen, the CVV response code explanation will be displayed in the Address Verification/Other field.

CVV Mismatch Administration

In Mercury Administration, you can override CVV mismatches via the Credit Cards section in the Accounting folder. You can either approve or decline all CVV mismatch transactions for the selected store.

By default, the Allow approved transactions with CVV Mismatch to process checkbox will not be selected, indicating that CVV mismatches will not be approved. To approve all CVV mismatches for the selected store, check the box.

If the box is checked, any transactions that contain CVV mismatches will be approved and the prompt that indicates a mismatch will not be displayed.

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