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As an add-on feature, FTD Mercury is capable of integrating with caller ID functionality. This allows you to see caller ID information on your FTD Mercury system, click OK, and automatically perform a customer lookup for the calling customer based on phone number. This can significantly increase your customer service level, as you can already have the customer information up in the Order Entry window prior to picking up the phone.

There are three main scenarios when using caller ID as pertains to customer lookup in FTD Mercury:

Scenario Result
Phone number only matches a single customer The customer’s name and information is automatically populated in the customer area.
Phone number matches multiple customers The Customer Search window opens and displays all customers who match that phone number. Highlight the customer you want to use and click Select (usually, you have to do so after you answer the phone and verify the customer’s name).
Phone number matches does not match a customer The Customer Search window opens and you are informed that the customer was not found. You are then asked if you want to create a new customer (which will open the Customer Detail Information window).

For more information about signing up for Caller ID functionality in FTD Mercury, contact FTD Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222 or email

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