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Administrative messages, like Suspend, Resume, Report of Orders Filled, Adjustment, and General, can be sent from Mercury Cloud.


Suspend messages

The Suspend message allows you to suspend your system temporarily from receiving orders or messages. Administrative messages will continue to be received during the suspension period. The Host Computer automatically forwards orders sent to your console to other Mercury Members. Orders that have a delivery date after the suspension period will be transmitted to your store. FTD Flowers All Hours orders are not affected by the suspension.

Resume messages

The Resume message allows you to receive orders earlier than the date and time that you specified in your Suspend message. Mercury Cloud will continue to process administrative messages while the Suspend message is in effect.

Report of Orders Filled messages

The Report Orders Filled (REC) message allows you to report Mercury orders that you receive by telephone to the FTD Clearing House. This eliminates the need to enter these orders on your Report of Orders Filled form. Use the REC Message to report phoned in FTD orders only. You may send REC messages in batches rather than individually, if you prefer.

All Mercury orders (including order relay orders) received through the Mercury Network are reported automatically. Do not report orders sent over the Mercury Network using this message. Interflora orders cannot be reported using the REC message. Note: There is no transmission charge to the filling Member who submits a REC message. If the sending Member uses the REC message to report an order, a transmission fee is charged.

Adjustment messages

The Adjustment Message allows only the sending Member to report an error on the Outgoing Orders section on the Combined Report.
Do not file this report until you have contacted the filling Member and an agreement is reached concerning the error. Do not file this report for errors listed in the “Confirmation of Orders Filled (Incoming)” section of the Combined Report. You should contact the sending Member, explain the error and authorize the sending Member to file the Adjustment.

General messages

The General message allows you to use Mercury Cloud to communicate with other Members or with FTD Headquarters.

General messages are not relayed through the order relay center. If the receiving Member’s Mercury system is not working, the program rejects the General message. Note: The transmission charge depends on the transmission priority you select. There is no transmission charge for sending a General message to FTD Headquarters (using the 90-5034AA code).

Transmission Priorities

The transmission priority of the General Message determines the processing time of the message. Once the Host Computer receives the message, it is sent to the filling florist(s) based on the priority selected by the sending florist. You can set the transmission priority in the Priority field when completing your General Message.

You can choose the following transmission priorities when sending a General Message. The pricing for each transmission priority is different, please call Member Services for the current pricing:

  • X - Express - The message will be processed immediately
N - Normal - The message will be processed within 90 minutes. This time period may be extended during major floral holidays.

  • E - Economy - The message will be processed by 8:00 a.m. the following business day.

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