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Command Description
Mercury Order Opens the Mercury Order Message window.
Ask (ASK) Opens the Create ASK Message window.
Answer (ANS) Opens the Create ANS Message window.
Cancel (CAN) Opens the Create CAN Message window.
Confirm (CON) Opens the Create CON Message window.
Delivery Confirmation (ANS) Opens the Delivery Confirmation (ANS) Message window.
Deny (DEN) Opens the Create DEN Message window.
Forward (FOR) Opens the Create FOR Message window.
Reject (REJ) Opens the Create REJ Message window.
General (GEN) Opens the General Message Detail window.
Adjust (ADJ) Opens the Adjustment Message (ADJ) window.
Rec Message List (REC) Opens the REC Message List window.
Resume (RES) Opens the Resume Message (RES) window.
Retrieval (RET) Opens the Retrieval Message (RET) window.
Suspend (SUS) Opens the Suspend Message (SUS) window.
Transmit Now Initiates a send and receive command with the Mercury Network. Normally, messages are sent every few minutes, but this command forces the send and receive to occur now.

This command corresponds to the Transmit Now button on the FTD Mercury Main Menu.

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