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This information applies only to Mercury Connect.

The Customer Master List provides you with a list of all your customers, as well as their current balance information, and house account information such as their credit limit and discount amount.

Generating the Customer Master List

To generate the Customer Master List:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Business Reports.
  2. In the navigation area on the left side of the screen, hover over Customer, and select Customer Master. The Customer Master List screen opens.
  3. From the Store of Origin list, select the store’s data that you want to use for the report.
  4. In the Payment Types area, select the payment type(s) you want to include in this report.
  5. In the Sort Option area, choose whether you wish to list customers according to Default Pay Method, Last Purchase Date, or Name. If you select to sort by last purchase date, specify the last purchase date.
  6. If you want to restrict the output to contain customers with particular marketing types:
    1. Click Marketing Criteria.
    2. Click on each marketing criteria group to expand it, and select the marketing criteria in that group that you want to include in the report. To include only customers with no marketing information specified in the Customer Detail Information window, check Customers with No Marketing Criteria.
  7. Click Generate

Customer Master List Screen

The Customer Master List screen enables you to configure settings for the Customer Master List report. When you have finished configuring the settings, click Finish to generate the report. It will open in Microsoft Excel.

The Customer Master List window contains the following settings:

Setting Description
Store of Origin From this list, select the store with which the customer is associated. If you have multiple stores, you can select All Stores.
Payment Types Select the payment type(s) you want to include in the report. You can select Cash, Check, Credit, Debit, House, or Gift Certificate.
Marketing Criteria Selection If you select this option, you can filter the report so it includes customers with specific marketing criteria or no marketing criteria. If you select Customers with Marketing Criteria, you can select the marketing categories to include.
Sort Option You can select to sort the report by the Default Pay Method, the Last Purchase Date (requires you specify the date), or by Name.

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