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When you click Send in the Picture Center window for recipient pictures, the Output Options window opens if it is a local order.

Email Output Area

The Email Output Area contains the following fields and options:

Setting Description
Email This box must be checked to send email.
Now/Later Select Now to send the email now. Select later and specify the date and time if you do not want to send the message now.
Cover Letter Select the cover letter to use for the message.
Customer Email Address Enter or select the customer’s email address.
Carbon Copy If desired, enter an email address you want to carbon copy for this message. For example, you may want to send it to your own email address.
Subject The subject line for the email message.

Email Information Area

The Email Information area contains the following fields:

Field Description
Customer The name of the customer from the ticket.
Sender The user on the FTD Mercury system who is sending the email message.
Job Description The description that will be included in the Fax & Email Monitor.
Personal Message Enter the text for the message. By default, this message includes the link to the image.
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