Opening the Message Center from the Order Entry and Point of Sale Windows

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You can open Message Center from both the Order Entry window and the Point of Sale windows by simply clicking Message Center. However, in Point of Sale, the opening balance must have been set (otherwise the Message Center button is disabled).

If you open Message Center from a blank Order Entry or Point of Sale window (that is, you have not entered information into the window yet for the order), by default Message Center searches for all orders that have not been attached, have an error status, have not been completed, or orders with related messages that have not been acknowledged nor had a response sent. If you attempt to open the Message Center when you are entering an order, you are asked if you want to cancel the order. If you respond Yes, the order is cancelled and Message Center opens. If you respond No, you are returned to the order.

If you have a completed order open in Order Entry or Point of Sale and you click Message Center, Message Center opens and automatically performs a search for that Order #, displaying all messages related to that order.

As you attach (open the incoming message in Order Entry) messages, acknowledge messages, or send responses to messages, orders are removed from the Message Center results list (that is, they no longer appear as requiring attention).

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