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(Marketing Campaigns)
(Marketing Campaigns)
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|Valentine's Day letter
|Valentine's Day letter

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The Mercury Marketing module allows you to send direct mail and email marketing promotions to your customers. With the upgrade to Mercury Marketing, you can create custom marketing campaigns that target a specific set of customers, and use the campaigns to send email messages, letters, or postcards to the customers that you already have saved in your FTD Mercury customer database.

IMPORTANT: If you have yet to purchase the Mercury Marketing module, contact Mercury Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222 to learn more about how it can help your marketing efforts!

To automate the marketing process, FTD has provided you with dozens of colorful, professionally designed Microsoft Word templates for all occasions, which can be customized to suit your needs. You can even create your own custom templates. When your campaign is created, your customer information is merged into the templates, and you can print the templates on your own printer, or send them to a printer to be printed.

If you plan to send email promotions, FTD has partnered with Constant Contact®, a company that maintains an email marketing Web site that is exclusive to FTD florists. Email marketing works by first creating your campaign in the Mercury Marketing application, then uploading your customer list to the Constant Contact Web site. On the Web site you select the template you want to use, schedule when you want the email messages to be sent, and then Constant Contact handles the email distribution. Constant Contact keeps all of your customer information confidential, and does not use it for any other purpose than for sending your marketing email messages.

Note: Email marketing distribution is an add-on to the Mercury Marketing module, and is billed separately by Constant Contact. You must begin by registering with Constant Contact at Constant Contact manages opt in and opt out and adheres to permission-based marketing. Neither Constant Contact or the Mercury Marketing module allows you to send promotions to purchased lists of customers. You may only send promotions to customers that you have a relationship with (customers that are within your database).

Launching the Mercury Marketing Module

To launch the Mercury Marketing module:

  1. Open FTD Mercury.
  2. Log in using a login name and password that has permission to use Mercury Marketing.
  3. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Marketing. The Mercury Marketing Wizard opens, and

you can begin creating a new campaign or analyzing a campaign you have already executed.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are promotional campaigns used to send marketing materials to a targeted list of customers for a particular occasion or purpose. For example, you can create a Mother’s Day letter for top customers, a birthday reminder postcard for all customers, or an Easter email promotion for new customers. By prompting you for specific information, the Mercury Marketing Wizard can help you create custom marketing campaigns using the data from your FTD Mercury customer database. You can then save these campaigns to reuse, edit, analyze, or schedule later.

To make the campaign creation process easy, the Mercury Marketing Wizard provides you with predefined campaigns that, when generated, use the marketing templates that FTD has created for you. Throughout the campaign creation process you can deviate from the defaults, in which case you will be creating your own custom campaign or creating a new marketing template. Below is a list of the predefined campaigns that you can create. Templates are located on your hard drive in the <C:\Wings\Templates\Office Marketing Templates directory. You may want to browse this directory and open some of the templates to see which ones you might want to use.

Predefined Campaigns
Campaign Type List Template Description Letter or Postcard
All Customers
Customers by ZIP code
Dormant Customers
New Customers
Top Customers
Boss' Day Reminder for customer for Boss' Day Both
    Christmas Christmas/Seasons' Greeting letter Both
    Easter Easter holiday letter Both
    Mother's Day Mother's Day promotion/letter Both
    Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah letter Both
    Secretary's Day Reminder for Secretary's Day Both
    Sweetest Day Sweetest Day letter Both
    Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day holiday letter Both
    Valentine's Day Valentine's Day letter Both
Reminder Reminder Anniversary Anniversary reminder, personalized to name, recipient, occasion, and date. Both
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