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The Employees screen allows you to add new employee information, change information, or delete employees from your system. You may also reactivate terminated employees from this window. For more information on these tasks, see Managing Employees.


Employees have equal rights in all stores. When you set up an employee in Mercury Administration, that employee’s security settings apply at all locations.

Employee Details

Although you can access the list of all employees in the system, as well as create a new employee from the Employees screen, information about individual employees is entered through Employee Details, which are displayed when you double-click an employee in the Employees screen.

Setting Description
Name Enter the employee name. You can use any format you want, but a best practice is to be consistent. The way the name is entered is the way it displays as the operator on Mercury messages.
Employee ID Enter the employee ID for this employee. This can be any format, but again, you should attempt to be consistent.
Address Type Select an address type and enter the address in the address field. You can have more than one address on record (Home, School, etc.).
Address Enter the address for the selected address type. If you did not format the address correctly, the Address Check window appears to confirm the employee’s address.
Addresses should be entered in the following format:
123 Main Street Apt. 560
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Primary Address Select the address type that you want to make the main contact address and select this check box. This way, you know what the primary address is for an employee with multiple addresses.
Phone Type Select a phone type and enter the phone number in the phone number field. You can have more than one phone number on record (home, cell, etc.).
Phone Number Enter the phone number for the selected phone type.
Primary Phone Select the phone type that you want to make the main number at which this employee can be contacted and select this check box.
Active Status Select this check box if the employee is currently working in your store. You may want to activate and deactivate this for your seasonal employees. Employees who are not active cannot log in to FTD Mercury and do not appear in Get All Employee searches.
Social Security No. Enter the employee’s Social Security number in this field (with or without the dashes). This is not a required field.
Employee Type Click the arrow and select the employee type from the list.
Job Function Click the arrow and select the job function from the list. If you change a job function for an employee who has custom window access settings, you will be prompted to confirm the job function change before the employee’s window access settings are reset to the defaults for the new job function.
Allow this Employee Online If the employee has permission to log in to FTD Mercury, select this option.
Login Name Enter a login name for the employee to use. This is the name the employee uses to log in to FTD Mercury.
Language Click the arrow to select the language the employee speaks. When the employee logs in, the program displays in that language.
Password Enter the password for the employee. The password will be protected by asterisks (*****).
Confirm Confirm the employee’s password. The password will be protected by asterisks (*****).
Notes Enter any notes for this employee (such as hours the employee is available to work).

Window Functions and Access

At the bottom of each employee screen, window access for the employee is displayed. By default, the employee access is inherited from the employee job function. However, each employee’s access can be customized to have more or less access to windows depending on settings made in this area. For each functional area, the associated windows are displayed in the Window Access area. You can also select all windows in an area, clear all windows, or reset to the default values based on job function.

Accessing the Employees Screen

To access the Employees screen in Mercury Administration:

  1. Launch Mercury Administration.
  2. Double-click Mercury Administration in the explorer pane.
  3. Double-click the Employee folder.
  4. Double-click Employees. The Employees screen opens.
  5. Double-click on an employee to view specific information about that employee.
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