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When you create a new product, you may want to use the same care instructions from an already existing product. FTD Mercury provides a mechanism for copying these instructions.

To copy care instructions from one product to another:

  1. Perform a product search and bring up the product detail of the product that you want to copy the care instructions to (or add a new product).
  2. With the product detail on the screen, click the Copy button (located to the right of the Care Instructions field). This brings up the Product Search window.
  3. Search for the product from which you want to copy the care instructions. Enter your search criteria and then click Search.
  4. Highlight the product in the list and then click Select. (Do not double-click on the product; this brings up the product detail and does not copy the product information).
  5. After clicking Select, the care instructions are copied into the Care Instructions field. Click Save to save the new care instructions.
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