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<th colspan="1" bgcolor="black"><font color="d1bc61" size="4"><center><b>On Site Classes</b></center></font></th>
<th colspan="1" bgcolor="black"><font color="d1bc61" size="4"><center><b>On Site Classes</b></center></font></th>
<td width="16%"><font size ="4"><center>Tuesday, November 7th to Thursday, November 9th</center></font></td>
<td width="16%"><font size ="4"><center>Tuesday, July 10th to Thursday, July 12th</center></font></td>
<td width="16%"><font size ="4"><center>Tuesday, August 14th to Thursday, August 16th</center></font></td>
<td width="16%"><font size ="4"><center>Tuesday, October 9th to Thursday, October 11th</center></font></td>
<td width="16%"><font size ="4"><center>Tuesday, November 6th to Thursday, November 8th</center></font></td>

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All FTD Technology Training is by appointment only and you must be confirmed for all training programs. To register please email or click here to request registration or to learn more

Please Note: Training topics, schedules, and content are subject to change without notice. You need to be confirmed for any training program at least 72 hours prior to the start of any web-based training and at least a week prior to any classroom-based training in Downers Grove. If you have not been confirmed for a class or web-based training, please click here to contact the Mercury Training Team to receive confirmation. All training is performed with the latest version of FTD Mercury, and it is strongly recommended you upgrade to the current version at no charge. Training for older versions of FTD Mercury is not available.

What will this cost me?

What FTD will cover for you

  • One night hotel stay is covered by FTD for Monday. The additional two nights of Tuesday and Wednesday are the attendee(s) responsibility. Check out is on Thursday before departing to FTD for the last day of class. Any incidentals are the responsibility of the attendee(s). Please note: attendee(s) wishing to arrive earlier or stay longer for personal pleasure are welcome to take advantage of the FTD Florist Training corporate rates with the hotel. Please notify the Mercury Training Staff at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival into Chicago if you plan on extending your stay in Chicago.
  • Transportation is provided to and from FTD every day via the hotel shuttle.
  • The hotel shuttle does not provide transportation to and from any of the Chicago airports. Arrangements must be made by the attendee(s) for getting to hotel the day of your arrival into Chicago, reach destinations farther then 5 miles from the hotel, and Thursday after class to get back to airport.
  • Transportation can also be provided by the hotel to reach the many shopping malls & restaurants in the area as the hotel is centrally located in the middle of all the activities. And if you are feeling adventurous the hotel can also provide transportation to the train station for those wishing to take in the sights of Chicago. Many attendees visit Chicago Wednesday night as downtown Chicago has a firework show Memorial Day to Labor Day. You may visit the hotels website for a listing of some of the shopping and restaurants available in the immediate area by clicking here. Please note that any communication with the hotel should be directed to the training department to handle to avoid confusion.
  • While staying at the hotel be sure to take advantage of the amenities they have.
    • Complimentary Internet
    • Complimentary Continental Breakfast
    • On-Demand Movies (cost of movies are the responsibility of the guests of the hotel)
    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • On-Site Convenience Store
    • Fitness Center
  • Breakfast is provided by the hotel and lunch is provided by FTD every day.

Out of Pocket Expense

  • Transportation to Chicago is 100% the responsibility of the attendee(s) whether you decide to fly or drive.
  • Transportation to and from airport is also 100% the responsibility of the attendee(s). However, discounted rates for taxis & limo services are available to you. Please note we have no control over the cost associated with taxis and limos. We do, however, highly recommend all transportation are prearranged prior to your arrival to get the cheapest rates possible.
  • Any adventures you wish to endure before or after class are also 100% the responsibility of the attendee(s).

What will be covered in class?

Customer Maintenance
House Accounts
Virus & Spyware
Suggest Improvements for FTD Mercury
Advanced Order Entry
Advanced Point of Sale
Wire Reconciliation
Event Planner
Generate E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
Schedule E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
Delivery Module
FTD Mercury Mobile Plus
Mercury Admin Customizations

Travel Information you may need while in Chicago

Things you will be responsible for:

  • Please arrive into Chicago on Monday. Check-in at the hotel is 3:00pm.
  • Please schedule transportation to hotel from airport.
  • Please plan to check-out of hotel and bring your luggage with you to FTD Thursday morning.
  • Shuttle service may be arranged at the hotel for any activities after class.
  • Please schedule yourself a taxi or limo to take you from FTD back to airport.

Things FTD will pre-arrange for you:

  • Class Starts at 9:00am every morning
  • Hotel shuttle service will be pre-arranged to bring you to FTD every morning at 8:50am.
  • Hotel shuttle service will be pre-arranged to take you back to hotel every evening.

Upcoming Class Schedule for Advanced Training


Click here to sign-up or request additional information

On Site Classes
Tuesday, July 10th to Thursday, July 12th
Tuesday, August 14th to Thursday, August 16th
Tuesday, October 9th to Thursday, October 11th
Tuesday, November 6th to Thursday, November 8th
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