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In FTD Mercury, you spend the majority of your time working with orders. Using both Order Entry and Point of Sale, you can enter orders (or attach incoming orders via Message Center). You can also use Ticket Search to locate orders you have previously entered in FTD Mercury. You should know when to use Order Entry vs. Point of Sale.

Order Tasks

The following are some order-related tasks that FTD Mercury enables you to perform:

Additional Order Tasks, Topics, & Windows

In addition to entering and attaching orders, you can perform many other tasks relating to order entry and editing orders. These tasks include:

Additionally, you can access other windows from Order Entry and Point of Sale. These windows include:

Automated Order Interface

The Automated Order Interface allows you to receive orders from other wire services as incoming Mercury orders in FTD Mercury. Incoming orders from other wire services are automatically routed to FTD Mercury. You then process the order as you would process any other incoming Mercury order.

Contact Mercury Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222 or email to purchase this feature.

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