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FTD Mercury Mobile Order Details
FTD Mercury Mobile Order Details

You can update delivery status information in FTD Mercury Mobile from the Order Details screen.

Updating Delivery Status Information on the Order Details screen

To update the delivery status:

  1. Launch FTD Mercury Mobile.
  2. Navigate to the Detail Order screen.
  3. After you've entered the delivery signature and photo, update the Delivery Code to Delivered.
  4. Click Send.

Once you click Send, the delivery status of an order is updated with the following information:

  • The location, including latitude and longitude, of the delivery device
  • The delivery recipient's location, including atitude and longitude
  • The delivery recipient's name and signature
  • The delivery recipient's photo

If the phone's location service is disabled, you'll receive a message asking to enable location services for the FTD Mercury Mobile app. Until location services are enabled, both the delivery device and delivery recipient's location will not be updated.

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