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Using Mercury Marketing, you can create a list of phone numbers to use in text messaging marketing campaigns.

To create an email campaign using the Marketing Wizard:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Marketing. The Marketing Wizard opens.
  2. Click Create a New Campaign.
  3. On the Create Campaign panel, in the Campaign Name field, enter a campaign name. Remember that this campaign can be used later, so make the campaign name as specific as possible (for example, indicate that it is an email campaign).
  4. In the Referral Code field, select the referral code that you want to give the campaign that you are creating. A referral code must be assigned to the campaign so that you can track sales that were generated by the campaign during campaign analysis.
    If you do not see the referral code you want to use, click Add New Referral Code, type the new referral code and then click Add. The new referral code is available to use in the Marketing Wizard immediately, however you must restart FTD Mercury and Mercury Administration for the new referral code to display in those programs.
  5. Select Email as the Distribution Type.
  6. From the Campaign Type list, select Text Message.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Select Target List panel, select the target list for your campaign. Your options are:
    • Select a predefined list—This allows you to select a predefined list of either all your customers, new customers, top customers, or customers by ZIP code. Select the appropriate customer list from the box on this panel.
    • Refresh list from a previous campaign—This allows you to use a target list of customers from a previously executed campaign, but it also refreshes the data to include any new or changed customers that meet the criteria for that campaign. Click Select to select the campaign from which the list will be refreshed.
    • Load a list from a previous campaign—This loads an exact list of customers that was used in a previous campaign. Click Select to select the campaign from which the list will be loaded.
  9. Click Next.
  10. The options that display on the Key Criteria panel depend on the options selected in the Select Target List panel. Provide the information requested and click Next.
    NOTE: If you have multiple stores, remember to choose the store that contains the customer records that you want to extract. If you select the main store, the program does not extract duplicate customers if you have customers saved at multiple stores. If you extract by Top Customers, the system extracts the top number of customers at the selected stores. However because the system is designed to eliminate duplicate records, the system eliminates duplicate top customers if the extracted customers are top customers at more than one store (therefore you may select to extract 100 top customers, but because duplicates are eliminated, only 50 are actually extracted).
  11. In the Output Fields panel, you are informed that the fields are limited to the Contact Name, Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, and Customer Email Address. Click Next.
  12. The Preview and Edit List panel allows you to preview the list of customers before you save your campaign. Before reaching the final panel in the wizard, review the list and see if you want to remove any customers from the campaign. Any records that are highlighted are missing information.
    NOTE: If you type information in the grid, the information is saved only in this specific customer list (the information is saved only in this particular file and is not saved in your customer database).:
    • To exclude a customer from the list, right-click on the customer record and then click Delete Row.
    • To view the criteria that you selected throughout the wizard, click View Criteria.
    • If you want to change the criteria, click the Back button to go back to previous panels and change your selections.
  13. Click Next. The Save Campaign panel opens.
  14. Click the Generate Text Message List Now to immediately create the text message list, and/or click Schedule to schedule the campaign. If you are scheduling the campaign, click Create to create the schedule (see Scheduling Campaigns for details).
  15. Click Finish. The campaign saves and you are returned to the Marketing Wizard main panel. If you selected Generate Text Message List Now, your customer list is saved as a file on your hard drive in the C:\Wings\Customer Lists directory. The file name is the campaign name followed by the date and time that you saved the campaign.
    NOTE: Customer lists are only saved in the C:\Wings\Customer Lists directory on the server. If you are working on a client PC, you must retrieve the .csv on the server PC in that directory. Clicking the Find my Previous Lists link does not find the customer list on the client PC.
    IMPORTANT: Customer lists (.csv files) should not be viewed in Microsoft Excel (the data may be sorted incorrectly when viewing in Excel).
    If you Scheduled the campaign, the files are created according to the schedule that you specified.

The next step is to upload the file to the Skywire Web site.

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