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Image:ProductSelector.png|alt=Product Selector|left
Image:ProductSelector.png|alt=Product Selector|left
rect 1 1 250 175 [[FTD Mercury X3 Documentation]]
rect 1 1 250 175 [[FTD Mercury]]
rect 262 1 512 175 [[Mercury Direct]]
rect 262 1 512 175 [[Mercury Direct]]
rect 525 1 775 175 [[Mercury Connect]]
rect 525 1 775 175 [[Mercury Connect]]

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FTD MercuryMercury DirectMercury ConnectTip CenterFlorist TrainingFTDMercuryFeedback
alt=Merc Tech U Navigation Bar


2-MAY-2011 8:00 AM CDT: FTD Mercury X3 has been released! Check out the minimum requirements and installation instructions, new and enhanced features, and the online reference guide.
19-APR-2011 8:00 AM CDT: The login procedure for Mercury Connect has been updated.
12-APR-2011 8:00 AM CDT: Mercury Direct 5.0 has been released! To get started, check out the download and setup instructions.
18-FEB-2011 1:30 AM CST: Updated antivirus software is now available for download Please read and/or print the provided instructions and follow them to successfully update your antivirus software.


Tip Center
alt=Mercury Technology Tip of the Day


FTD MercuryMercury DirectMercury Connect
alt=Product Selector

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