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It is important to suspend your site for days you are not delivering. For example, if you are not going to be delivering on Christmas Day (12/25) you should suspend your website for that day. This will prevent orders from being placed for delivery on that day.

In order to suspend your site:

  • Login to Web Portal ( and Administration
  • On the left, click on Order Management
  • On the left under Order Management, click on Suspend Orders
  • Click Clear Suspension to remove any old data
  • In the center, input the start and end date for when you will not be delivering. This IS inclusive. So, if you are only suspending for one day, you would input this one date as BOTH the start and end date
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Submit

A few notes:

  • Only one time period can be input at a time
  • Your site will suspend for the ENTIRE day. If you are delivering in the morning and only want to suspend in the afternoon, you will want to wait until that afternoon to suspend
  • You will continue to receive orders even if your site is suspended as long as the order is to be DELIVERED outside of the suspension time period

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