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  1. On the Garmin StreetPilot c330, StreetPilot c340, or Nuvi 350 Main Menu, press Where to?
  2. Press My Locations.
  3. Press Set Home.
  4. If a home location already exists, press Yes, enter my Address.
  5. Select the state where your shop is located. If your state is not displayed, press Spell State, type the name of your state. When the GPS device presents the Select State menu, select your state.
  6. Press Spell City. Type the name of your city. When the GPS device presents the Select City menu, select your city.
  7. Enter the street address (number) for your shop. Press Done.
  8. Enter the street name. When the GPS device presents the Select Street menu, select your street name.
  9. When the full address of your shop appears, click Save to save it as your home address.

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