Searching for Products (FTD Mercury X2)

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You can search for products from the FTD Mercury Main Menu (either from the Product search button or from the Search menu), the Order Entry window, and the Point of Sale window.

To perform a product search:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click the Product Search button. Additionally, in the Order Entry or Point of Sale window, in the Products area, click the Search button (…).
  2. When the Product Search Window opens, enter your search parameters and click Search. (When you use the Product Name parameter, Product Search searches against the product code and product name.) Products matching your parameters appear in the results list.


You can also use a % symbol as a wildcard. If you just enter %, all products will be returned. If you enter some text before the wildcard (such as W%), Product Search will perform a search for all matches that start with W.


If you specify multiple search parameters, products must match all parameters to appear in the results list.

When you find the product you are looking for, double-click on the product or press the SPACEBAR when the product is highlighted to view detailed information or make changes to the product’s information.

In most cases, you will be searching for a product while taking an order. Once you perform your search and locate the product, highlight it in the results list and click Select (you can also highlight and use the keyboard shortcut ALT+L) . You are then returned to Order Entry or Point of Sale with the product entered in the Products area.


If there are multiple price points for the product, you can select the appropriate price from the Price column in the Product Search results list prior to clicking Select. The appropriate price will be reflected when you return to Order Entry or Point of Sale.

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