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The Z-Out transaction closes the Point of Sale session and prints out totals for all completed transactions. You can then use the totals to balance the drawer. A summary or detail receipt then prints, summarizing the cash drawer activity for the day. Point of Sale transactions are not exported through General Ledger Export until the session has been closed.


When you click Z-Out, FTD Mercury automatically performs an X-Out transaction first, printing the X-Out report on the receipt.

To process a Z-Out transaction:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Point of Sale.
  2. Click X-Out/Z-Out. The Z-Out window opens.
  3. In the Login Name field, enter your FTD Mercury login name.
  4. In the Password field, enter your FTD Mercury password. Asterisks (*****) appear to protect your password.
  5. Select Summary to print a summary of the Point of Sale transactions for the session, or select Detail to print a receipt for every transaction performed, starting with and including the opening balance transaction.
  6. In the Z-Out Date field, enter the date for the Z-Out. In most cases, it will either be the current date or the date of the previous business day. You cannot set it to a date prior to the opening balance date of the session.
  7. Click Z-Out to print the receipt report (at this point, you are performing an X-Out). This portion of the Z-Out processes and then the Z-Out amount displays in the Z-Out Amount field.
  8. If you want to count the cash drawer and enter cash and check amounts, select the Count Drawer check box. You may enter the cash and check amounts manually, or you may click the dollar sign button to use the Money Counter window to help calculate the totals.
  9. If you are using the Money Counter:
    1. In the Coins area, enter quantities for each type of coin in the drawer.
    2. In the Dollars area, enter quantities for each type of bill in the drawer.
    3. In the Checks/Other (Cheques/Other for Canadian shops) area, enter the amount for each check or gift certificate in the drawer. For Canadian shops, if the cheque or other amount is in U.S. funds, change the Exchange indicator to US so that funds are properly converted for your totals (the exchange rate used is set in the US Exchange Rate field in the Store Settings screen in Mercury Administration).
      Image:NoteIcon.pngThe Grand Total for Canadian shops displays in Canadian funds; if you specified that some funds in the Cheques/Other section were in U.S. dollars, these values are converted to Canadian dollars.
    4. Click Save to save the drawer totals and return to the Z-Out window, click Clear to clear all the money counter fields and start over, or click Escape to cancel the counting and return to the Z-Out window.
      Image:NoteIcon.pngWhen you click Save, the cash and check amounts display in the Z-Out window. Values that you enter in the Money Counter are available only until you leave the Z-Out window.
  10. Click Save to complete the Z-Out and close the Point of Sale session. When you click Save, the actual Z-Out happens. Prior to this point, if you click Escape, you have only performed an X-Out transaction. After you click Save, the Opening Balance window opens. You can enter the opening balance right away, or you can click Escape and enter the opening balance at a later time.

NOTE: You must enter an opening balance before you can begin the next Point of Sale session.

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