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The “Our Guarantee” section is a separate page on your website. This is your opportunity to tell your customers what you promise them.

Suggestions for this page include:

  • Is satisfaction guaranteed?
  • For how long?
  • How long do customers have to report an issue?
  • Do you replace the product?
  • Do you refund the customer’s money?
  • What is required for a refund/replacement?

In order to change the wording that is located here:

  • Login to Web Portal and click Administration at the top
  • On the left, click on Content. This will open the content menu on the left.
  • Under Content on the left, click on Our Guarantee.
  • Here, you will be able to select Default Content or Custom Content.
  • If you select Custom Content, you can input whatever content you would like to share with your customers.
  • When finished editing the content, click on Submit. This will save your changes.

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