New and Enhanced in FTD Mercury X4 & X4 Fall

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FTD Mercury X4 Fall

FTD Mercury X4 Fall enhances general and communication messaging. With these enhancements, FTD Mercury now:

FTD Mercury X4

FTD Mercury X4 is compatible with Windows 8, and includes time-saving, login-based features such as:

  • Delivery Routes: See routes, stops, and orders and mark them delivered.
  • Map View a map of the route from your truck to a selected recipient.
  • Directions: View the estimated distance and travel time, along with turn-by-turn directions to the recipient's address.
  • Real-time Delivery Updates: Mark delivery status from your phone and automatically update the delivery status at your shop.
  • You must be using FTD Mercury X4 or later, and Mercury Delivery to use FTD Mercury Mobile with Delivery Routing.
  • When upgrading to FTD Mercury Mobile Plus (X4) from either FTD Mercury Mobile X3 or X3 Fall, completely uninstall X3 or X3 Fall from your mobile device before you install X4 on the device.
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