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To send an order to another florist over the Mercury Network, click the Create an Order button on the Mercury Direct main menu (see “Creating an Order in the Order Screen” on page 28 for detailed instructions). Before you send an order, it is important to know the key elements that make up the order, and the terminology that is associated with it.

  • Each time you see a magnifying glass icon Image:MercuryDirectMagnifyingGlass.jpg, a search is available. For example, if you see a magnifying glass icon next to the product fields, you can click this icon to access a product search.
  • The recipient is the person or business to which the order will be delivered. You will be required to enter complete information for the recipient (such as name address, and phone number) so that the filling florist can properly fill and deliver the order.
  • The delivery information is the information that the filling florist will use to promptly deliver the order, according to the customer’s delivery instructions. Included are the:
    • Delivery date
    • Details (additional date information or the specific time the order should be delivered, such as “after 2 p.m.”)
    • Special Instructions for the delivery, such as “leave on front porch if not home.”
    • The Price Including Delivery, which should include the dollars and cents (for example, “45.50.”)
  • Product information includes the product code and description for the first choice and second choice products that the customer would like to send to the recipient. Specify the customer’s first choice product in the 1st Choice fields and the customer’s second choice product (in case the first choice product is not available) in the 2nd Choice fields. Type any additional product information in the description area.
  • The Enclosure Card is the message that will be printed on the card that accompanies the order.
  • The Operator is the employee that is entering the order.
  • The Filling Florist is the florist to whom you are sending the order.
  • Auto Select is a quick way to select a filling florist. If you click this button, Mercury Direct will select a filling florist for you, based on the recipient’s address and the status of the florist.
  • When selected, the No auto forwarding option will ensure that the order will not be forwarded to another florist if the filling florist is unavailable or cannot fill the order.

Creating an Order in the Create an Order Screen

Creating an Order
Creating an Order

Tip: Use the TAB key to move from field to field.

To send an outgoing wire order:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click Create an Order.
  2. In the Recipient Information area, in the Name field, enter the recipient's full name.
  3. Complete the recipient's address information in the Address, City, State, Country, and Zip/Postal fields. If you are sending the order to a facility (hospital, nursing home, or funeral home), click the magnifying glass icon to perform a Facility Search. When you locate the facility, select it so that the information populates the address fields.
  4. In the Phone field, enter the recipient's phone number including the area code (for example 6305551212).
  5. In the Delivery Information area, enter the delivery date in the Date field. You can also click the magnifying glass icon to access a calendar and choose the date
    NOTE: To learn how to use shortcuts when entering dates, and learn about valid date formats, see Entering Dates in Date Fields.
  6. In the Details field, enter any delivery time details (such as “deliver after 2pm”).
  7. In the Special Instructions field, enter any special instructions for the delivery driver.
  8. In the Price Including Delivery field, enter the total price of the order including the delivery fee.
  9. In the 1st Choice field, click the magnifying glass to access the FTD Selection Guide and search for the first choice product code information. Alternatively, you can enter a generic product description, such as "Fresh Arrangement."
    NOTE: If you select an FTD Branded product as the first choice product, then it is highly suggested that you select a “generic” product (such as “Fresh Arrangement with fall colors”) as a second choice product. This will ensure that the filling florist will be able to fill the order if the first choice product is unavailable.
  10. In the 2nd Choice field, select or enter the second choice product. A second choice product is required.
  11. In the Filling Florist area, in the Code field, enter the filling florist's shop code. If you do not know the filling florist code, click the magnifying glass to perform a Florist Search. You may also click Auto Select if you would like for Mercury Direct to locate a florist for you, based on the recipient address and the status of the florist. (If a florist cannot be found, you will be notified “Unable to auto select a florist based on the order parameters.” In this case, access Florist Search and try to find a filling florist based on city only or other search criteria.)
  12. Click No Auto Forwarding only if you do not want this order to be forwarded automatically if the filling florist cannot fill the order.
  13. In the Enclosure Card field (located above the Occasion list), enter the card message.
    Note In the Enclosure card text box, you can use Abbreviation Codes as shortcuts to typing the card message (see “Abbreviation Codes” on page 33 for details).
  14. From the Occasion list, select the occasion for the order. Or, click the magnifying glass to access a list of available occasion codes.
  15. If you have multiple shops, in the Your Code list, select the sending shop code.
  16. In the Operator field, enter your name.
  17. Click Submit.
  18. At “Are you sure you wish to send this order?,” click Yes if you are ready to send the order.
  19. At “Did you want to create another order?,” click Yes if you want to create another order (you will be taken to a blank order screen), or click No if you are finished entering orders (you will be returned to the main menu).

If any critical fields have been left incomplete, you will be warned that you must complete this information before you can send the order. If all information is complete, the order will be sent and will print to your printer as soon as it has reached the Host Computer.

NOTE: The order will be sent during the next Mercury Direct Communications session. If you want to send the order immediately, on the Mercury Main Menu, click Transmit Now.

Creating an Order Using the Order Wizard

If you have new employees or are looking for an easier way to enter Mercury orders, you can use the Order Wizard. The Order Wizard guides you through the order taking process by breaking the process down in steps.

The Order Wizard is activated by clicking the Enable Wizard check box in the Create an Order screen. From that point forward, the wizard will automatically pop up each time you click Create an Order in the Mercury Direct Main Menu. If you no longer want to use the Order Wizard, exit the Order Wizard and then clear the Enable Wizard check box in the Create an Order screen.

To enter an order using the Order Wizard:

  1. On the Mercury Direct Main Menu, click Create an Order. The Create an Order screen opens.
  2. Click the Enable Wizard checkbox in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. The Order Wizard opens to the Welcome screen. If you do not want to see this Welcome screen again, select Do Not Show the Wizard Welcome dialog again (recommended). Then click Next. The Occasion screen opens.
  4. Select an occasion from the list and then click Next. The Product and Price screen opens.
  5. Select the first choice and second choice product codes, and modify the descriptions if necessary. Type the total price including delivery. Click Next. The Recipient screen opens.
  6. Enter the recipient’s name, address, and phone number. Click Next. The Delivery Information screen opens.
  7. In the Delivery Information screen:
    • In the Date field, enter the delivery date, or click the lookup button to access a calendar.
    • In the Details field, type any delivery time details (such as “before 5pm”).
    • In the Filling Florist Information area, either type the filling florist’s shop code, click the search button, or click Auto Select for the system to select a filling florist for you automatically based on location and status.
    • In the Special Instructions area, type any special instructions for the delivery driver.
    • If you want to prevent this order from being forwarded to another florist automatically if the filling florist cannot fill the order, click No auto forwarding.
    • Click Next. The Enclosure Card screen opens.
  8. Enter the card message. If you would like to see a list of abbreviation codes, click Shortcut List. When you are finished with the card, click Next. The Operator Information screen opens.
  9. In the Your Code field, select your shop code. Enter your name in the Operator field. Click Next.
  10. You are then notified that the wizard is complete. Click Finish to close the wizard.
  11. The Create an Order screen opens, displaying all the information you entered in the Order Wizard. Review the information and then click Submit to complete the order.

Abbreviation Codes

Abbreviation codes are shortcuts used to enter the card message. Type a backslash (\) before the abbreviation code, then type the abbreviation code (for example, the hb abbreviation code should be entered into the Enclosure Card text box as \hb). When you exit the text box, the abbreviation code will change to the card message (for example, \hb will change to “Happy Birthday”).

Following is a list of abbreviation codes that you may use:

gws  Get Well Soon
ha   Happy Anniversary
hb   Happy Birthday
he   Happy Easter
hfd  Happy Father’s Day
hh   Happy Holidays
hmd  Happy Mother’s Day 
hsw  Happy Secretary’s Week
ht   Happy Thanksgiving 
hvd  Happy Valentine’s Day
ilm  In Loving Memory  
ily  I Love You
jb   Just Because     
l    Love,
mc   Merry Christmas   
toy  Thinking of You
wds  With Deepest Sympathy 
wl   With Love,
wls  With Love and Sympathy 
wly  We Love You
wml  With All My Love   
wos  With Our Sympathy
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