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Mercury Direct is a complete Windows-based business tool that allows you to communicate easily with other florists and FTD Headquarters through the Mercury Network. Mercury Direct allows you to:

  • send and receive orders and messages through the Mercury Network.
  • automatically store all incoming and outgoing orders and messages in an online message log.
  • search for and reply to Mercury messages through the advanced Message Search feature.
  • search a Florist directory, where you can assign statuses and add notes to individual florists.
  • search a Facility directory, which lists information for hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes.
  • search the FTD Selection Guide, which lists FTD Branded Products and other products that are available for sale, along with color photos, product codes, suggested retail prices, and designer information...and much more!

Mercury Direct System Requirements

Mercury Direct requires the following:

  • Operating system: English language versions of Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (IMPORTANT: Other operating system languages are not currently supported.)
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024x768 or greater
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
  • Internet: High-speed Internet connection (broadband, DSL, etc.)

Mercury Direct Plus Enhancements

Mercury Direct Plus includes the following enhancements:


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