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The Audit Trail screen allows you to configure whether you want to require an employee to enter his or her password when performing certain customer- and order-related tasks in FTD Mercury. When you require a password for a task, the Audit Trail window prompts the employee for his or her login name, password, and any notes about the task (notes are optional). FTD Mercury will validate the employee’s credentials before perfoming the task, and will log the task in the customer’s or order’s Life Cycle (in the Life Cycle tab for the customer and in the Ticket Status window for the order).


Even if you do not require the employee to enter their name and password, any event that can be tracked as an order life cycle or customer life cycle even will still be logged (using the employee name if the name can be determined).

Customer Tasks

You can require a password for the following customer-related tasks:

  • Adding house accounts
  • Updating customer accounts
  • Restricting a house account so no additional charges can be made
  • Editing customer credit cards
  • Merging accounts
  • Entering received on account payments
  • Viewing the life cycle tab for a customer

Order Tasks

You can require a password for the following order-related tasks:

  • Creating orders
  • Refunding orders
  • Updating orders
  • Entering negative sale items
  • Viewing order status

Accessing the Audit Trail Screen

To access the Audit Trail screen in Mercury Administration:

  1. Launch Mercury Administration.
  2. Double-click Mercury Administration in the explorer pane.
  3. Double-click the Security folder.
  4. Double-click Audit Trail. The Audit Trail screen opens.
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