Managing Point of Sale Sessions

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For the most part, Point of Sale is very similar to Order Entry, except that you can perform cash transactions and quick sales in Point of Sale, most often using Cash Sales as your customer rather than individual customer accounts. Order processing from Order Entry and Point of Sale are similar, which makes training your employees easy. The Point of Sale screen has similar navigation, and the configurations for abbreviation codes, delivery zones, and other efficiency configurations are the same as for Order Entry. Because of the similarities, you can find order processing information in Working with Orders. However, because Point of Sale involves working with a cash drawer, there are several specific configurations and operations that you can only perform in Point of Sale. Sections in this chapter cover those procedures and concepts.

Point of Sale Sessions

A Point of Sale session begins with setting an opening balance for the cash drawer and ends with a Z-Out transaction, which closes the cash drawer. You set the opening balance at the beginning of the day when you open your store, and perform a Z-Out transaction at the end of the day when you are ready to close the drawer. Consequently, a Point of Sale session usually consists of a single day’s worth of transactions on a particular terminal. The session remains open until the Z-Out transaction is complete.


The Opening Balance button only appears when you have not yet entered an opening balance. When you have entered an opening balance for a Point of Sale session, the Opening Balance button is replaced by the X-Out/Z-Out button.

Each Point of Sale terminal has a separate session. The session records the time the opening balance was entered and the time the Z-Out was performed. You must specify an opening balance on each terminal, and must close each out with a Z-Out transaction.

Point of Sale sessions are used so that you can look up Point of Sale transactions using the POS Session History. Using the POS Session History, you can search for previous Point of Sale sessions and edit or review transactions and drawer totals for past sessions.

Point of Sale Initial Configurations

There are several configurations you need to perform to work with Point of Sale. These initial configurations are:

Point of Sale Tasks & Windows

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