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You can have both a French and a Spanish site as part of your Florists Online site.

This subsite is allows you to market to the customers in your area that may not speak English. Most of all, it is FREE!

If you have a French or Spanish site and you are attempting to make a change to just the French or Spanish site:

  • Login to Web Portal and click on Administration
  • Navigate to the area you want to update
  • Prior to inputting your change, select the site you want to make the change to from the dropdown at the top
  • Continue following the instructions for the update you are making

The following information CAN be different between your different sites:

  • All wording - This will allow you to input different wording for the French or Spanish site so that your customers can read and understand it
  • Custom Products - The products will still be the same, but you can change the name and description so that it is translated to French or Spanish. Default products will automatically be updated with the translation
  • Category Name - Though the categories that are available will remain the same, the category name can be changed so that it is translated. Default categories will automatically be updated with the translation
  • Logo - You can have a seperate logo for your French and Spanish sites
  • Templates - You can select a different template for each language
  • Navigational Banners - You can have seperate banners for your French and Spanish site so that any wording can be translated

Along with the items that CAN be different, you should also be aware that if you make a change to the following on English, you will also want to update the French or Spanish site:

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