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(Funeral Log Window)
(Funeral Log Window)
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*Remove funerals
*Remove funerals
[[Funeral Log Window Description]]
[[Funeral Log Window Areas]]

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The Funeral Log in FTD Mercury allows you to enter details about a funeral, such as the name of the recipient, funeral home, and viewing and service date and time. You can then use the funeral details to complete recipient information for orders related to the funeral. When you populate the recipient of an order from the Funeral Log, the order is associated with the funeral. You can then generate an acknowledgement report showing all orders associated with the recipient/funeral to provide to the funeral home or family of the recipient.

Using the Funeral Log speeds up Order Entry and Point of Sale for funeral orders because you can enter funeral information once and use it for multiple sales. Creating an Acknowledgement List using the Funeral Log’s print function enhances your relationship with funeral directors by allowing you to provide them with a report of your deliveries to their facility for a specific funeral.

How-to Procedures

Opening the Funeral Log

Click the Funeral Log button in Order Entry or Point of Sale. Only entries for the current or future funeral date are displayed. If no recipient has been entered in Order Entry or Point of Sale, the list of funerals will contain funerals with viewing or service times for the current or future dates.

Adding Funerals to the Funeral Log

In the Funeral Log window, click Add. The Add Recipient window opens. You use the Add Recipient window to add the funeral.

Steps to add a funeral


Funeral Log Window

You use the Funeral Log window to:

  • Search for funerals
  • Select recipients to use in Order Entry or Point of Sale
  • Add funerals
  • Update funeral information
  • Print acknowledgements
  • Remove funerals

Funeral Log Window Areas

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