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Florist Message A and Florist Message B are the areas of content on your homepage.

Florist Message A is available on all templates. Generally, this message is at the top of the homepage, however the location may vary depending on the template you have selected.

Florist Message A should grab your customers attention. You should tell your customers why they should choose you.

This is also content that the search engines can look at when determining if you should appear as a search result.

Since this message is generally located at the top of the homepage, you will want to keep this brief. A long message will cause your products to be lower on the page and could cause customers to look at a different site because they do not see products immediately.

In order to change Florist Message A:

  • Log in to Web Portal
  • Click on Administration at the top and then Content on the left
  • Under Content, click on Florist Message A
  • You can select Default Content, Custom Content, or Content Off
  • If you select Custom Content, you will be able to input what ever content you want to include on your homepage
  • Click Update to save your changes

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