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This information applies to FTD Mercury X2 Fall and later versions, Mercury Connect, and Mercury Direct 5.0 and later versions. If you are an FTD Mercury or Mercury Direct customer and not on one of the versions where FTD Florist Link is included, contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC) at 1-800-309-2244 for information on how to upgrade to the current version.

Facility Search Main Window
Facility Search Main Window

The Facility Search main window is used to search for a facility (such as a nursing home, hospital, or funeral home). After you find the facility, you can search for a florist who serves it.

  • In FTD Mercury, you can access the Facility Search main window by performing a Facility Search from the FTD Mercury Main Menu (under the Search menu), or by clicking the Facility Search button in Order Entry, Point of Sale, or in the Funeral Log.
  • In Mercury Direct, you can access the Facility Search main window by performing a Facility Search from the Mercury Direct Main Menu (under the Search menu), or by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the Recipient Address area of the Create an Order screen.

Search Criteria

Enter search criteria to locate facilities. You can search using the following criteria:

Criteria Description
City Enter the city where the facility is located.
State/Prov Enter the state or province where the facility is located.
Postal Enter the ZIP/postal code for the facility.
Facility Name Enter the name of the facility.
Facility Type Select whether the facility you are searching for is a hospital, funeral home, or nursing home.

Results List

Facilities matching the criteria you specified for the search are included in the results list. The total number of matching facilities is displayed at the top of the list; if there are more results than could be displayed on the list, you can click the page number at the top or bottom of the list to display the next page.

Each matching facility displays the name of the facility and its address, and a green balloon corresponding to the balloon on the map. If you click the Find Florists link below the facility, a florist search is performed to show any florists who serve that facility. If no florist is linked to the facility, you will receive a message instead of the results list. You can then click the link in the message to find a florist that services the area.

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