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You can use FTD Mercury to upload product pictures and pricing information to your Florists' Online (FOL) Web site. This functionality is available when:

  • An image is associated with the product (for information on adding pictures to products, see Adding Pictures to Products). Pictures should be 300x300 pixels for best results on your FOL Web site.
  • The product is not an FTD-branded product.

When you maintain products on your FOL Web site from FTD Mercury, the product codes must match (that is, your local product code must be used for the FOL Product ID). If you change a local product code, the link between FTD Mercury and the FOL site is broken and the local product will no longer be associated with the product on your site. If you delete a product in FTD Mercury, the product is not removed from your FOL Web site (maintenance of the product then must be handled through the FOL Web portal).


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