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The Holiday Capacity page enables you to view the last two year's statistics for FTD orders sent to your shop during the three major floral holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day), as well as indicate the number of orders you can fulfill this year.

When you access the page by clicking the Holiday Capacity button in FTD Florist Link Administration, you are able to see the details for your currently selected store. You are also able to select a holiday to view statistics for from the Holiday list. By default, the calendar displays a two week, Sunday to Saturday calendar with the days and dates where the selected holiday fell the last two years, and where it will fall in the current year. If you click the Align Holiday check box, the display collapses so you see the days before and after the holiday, relative to the holiday. Depending on how you are planning your holiday period, one view may be more beneficial than the other.

For historical holidays, you can see the number of FTD wire orders you received for each day in the holiday period. You should use these numbers to help gauge the number of orders you can fulfill during this holiday period (your capacity). In the Capacity row for this current year, you can enter in the number of orders for each day that you can fulfill. If the number of wire orders sent to you exceeds your capacity number for a delivery day in the holiday period, FTD.com will stop accepting orders for you for that day. If you raise your capacity for a delivery day, you have the potential to receive additional FTD.com orders again.

Once you have entered in your capacity for that holiday period, be sure to click Update.


Contact FTD Florists Online (FOL) Support to suspend your FOL website so that no more orders are placed for any individual delivery date.

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