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The FTD Document Center allows you to create templates for email messages that you will send from FTD Mercury. You can create several different delivery confirmation templates, order confirmation templates, as well as email cover letters that can be sent out with statements and invoices.

If you are using delivery confirmation, FTD Mercury allows you to select different templates for local and outgoing orders. Sample templates are available to view in the FTD Document Center; however you must create your own templates to use in FTD Mercury. You can open the sample templates, customize them to your needs, and save them under a different name.

To create and use email templates in FTD Mercury, first create the template in the FTD Document Center. The FTD Document Center allows you to create custom templates by importing your own graphics, customizing the font, background, and merging data fields to create personalized templates. After the templates are created, use the Email screen in Mercury Administration to select which template you want to use for an email cover letter, for order confirmations, and assign templates to different delivery confirmation order types (local and outgoing).

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