Event Planner: Working with Rental Equipment

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This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

Many events involve items that you may be renting for the event, such as vases, stands, or arbors. You can easily use Event Planner to track the equipment you are renting for an event, not only to specify items on a proposal, but also to indicate to your staff that equipment needs to be picked up or returned following an event.

When configuring an event, the Ceremony, Reception, and Party or Other screens each have a section called Rental Equipment. From each of these sections, you can specify the items you are renting, and even use product codes or search for the products. Like other items for the ceremony, these rental items will be included on the proposal, and tickets for each location's rental equipment will be created when you create the order(s) from the proposal if it requires pickup after the event.

If equipment is going to be picked up, an invoice will be created for the equipment so you remember to retrieve it. This invoice will be created using the FTD Mercury default pickup zone, so this zone must be active in your system.

You can also print labels for your rental equipment.


If you want to charge a fee for delivery pickup that is separate from your delivery and setup fee, add a new product to FTD Mercury and use it when entering in rental equipment.

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