Delivery Zones and Fees

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If your store charges for delivery, you can set up multiple delivery zones and a delivery charge for each zone. After you set up your zones and charges, delivery charges are automatically entered in Order Entry and Point of Sale when you select a zone for delivery.

There are two ways that you can set up delivery zones:

  • Using Mercury Delivery — If you have purchased it, you can set up delivery zones in Mercury Delivery. You can set up delivery zones by postal codes, address, or by drawing a boundary on a map.
  • Within Mercury Administration — If you do not have Mercury Delivery, the quickest and easiest way to set up delivery zones and delivery charges is within Mercury Administration. By setting up delivery zones in Mercury Administration, you are assigning delivery zones to postal codes (when a recipient address with a particular postal code is entered in Order Entry or Point of Sale, the associated delivery charge is added to the order automatically). See Delivery Zone Screen on page 24–41 for more information.
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