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FTD Mercury makes maintaining customers easy. If you use house accounts for your customers, after setting up these accounts, the customer billing process is automated. FTD Mercury stores each customer transaction through Order Entry and Point of Sale. Each order, purchase, or payment made at your store may be applied to a customer’s house account. FTD Mercury also stores customer credit card information if your customers use credit cards for purchase.

Default customers such as your cash sales account, credit card accounts, and wire service accounts are also maintained in the customer screens of the program.

Maintaining your customer database in FTD Mercury also helps you with your store’s marketing strategies. If you consistently add customers to the program, you will soon have a complete listing of all your customers and their personal information.

Maintaining your customers is beneficial when preparing mailings; you may use the FTD Mercury marketing templates to merge your customer information into labels, letters, and envelopes. If you have the Mercury Marketing module, you can use your customer information to create direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Most tasks are performed through one of the tabs on the Customer Detail Information window.

Customers and Multiple Stores

Each customer has a store of origin. The store of origin is the store where the customer was first added to the system. When you add a customer to the system, you specify the customer’s store of origin. Then you can use FTD Mercury to print reports by store, view order history by store, and generate or print statements by store.

Starting with version 7.0, FTD Mercury automatically assigns each of your customers a store of origin. If a customer has placed orders at more than one of your stores, then that customer’s store of origin is determined based on the store where that customer’s first sale occurred. If a customer does not have any sales, then that customer is associated with the first store that was created on the system.

Customer Maintenance Tasks

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