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The Statistics tab of the Customer Detail Information window includes valuable statistical information for the customer. These statistics provide an overall glimpse of this customer’s buying patterns so you may gear your marketing to those patterns. It also includes the house account standings for the customer. The statistics displayed are automatically generated by FTD Mercury and cannot be modified manually.

Account Balance Area

The Account Balance area contains information about the customer’s house account balance, including the total balance due and aging information. If you click the Detail button, the Customer Account Balance Detail window opens.

If there are any future events or transactions (such as a Wedding), they are reflected in this area as well.

Sale Information Area

The Sale Information area displays information about the customer’s purchase habits. This information includes:

  • Average sale amount
  • Sale count for last year
  • The total amount spent last year
  • The sale count for this year (thus far)
  • The total amount spent this year (thus far)

The Last Purchase Date field displays the day and date of the the last purchase made by the customer.

Average Sales by Occasion Area

This area shows a breakout of average sale amounts by occasion for this customer.

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