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From the Credit Card entry screen, you can view the amount due and enter the credit card details. You can either swipe the card via an approved swipe device or enter the card details manually. This screen is accessed via the Payment Tender screen after tapping the Credit Card button.


Third-party swipe devices must be compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 mobile devices.
Field Description
Name The name of the credit card holder as it appears on the card. This field is required.
Credit Card Number The credit card number. This field is required.
Exp Date The credit card’s two-digit expiration month and two-digit expiration year. This field is required.
CVV Code The credit card’s CVV code. This field is optional.

To swipe the card via the attached swipe device, toggle the Swipe Card slider to the right and ensure that the Device Status reads Connected. Then, swipe the card.

If you do not have a swipe device or the device is not functioning properly, you can manually enter the card details by tapping Enter Credit Card Information.

To manually enter the card details, enter the cardholder name in the Name field. Then enter the card number in the Credit Card Number field and the card expiration date in the month and year Exp Date fields. You can optionally enter the code on the back of the card in the CVV Code field. This field is not required to process the credit card payment.


Credit card numbers and CVV codes are not saved on mobile devices.

The Cancel button cancels the entire transaction and returns you to a new Retail ToGo Entry screen. This new screen does not include any transaction details you have entered. To return to an existing Retail ToGo Entry screen with transaction details, use the Back button in the app until you have returned to the correct screen. To return to the Payment Tender screen, tap the Back button.

Tapping the Save button validates the credit card fields and begins processing the transaction.

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