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The following table displays the credit card authorization codes you may receive when you process Global Payment Systems (NDC) credit card transactions.

Code Verbiage Description
000 AP Approved or completed successfully.
001 CALL AE Refer to American Express.
001 CALL CB Refer to Carte Blanche.
001 CALL DC Refer to Diners Club.
001 CALL DISCOVER Refer to Discover.
001 CALL JB Refer to JBS.
001 CALL ND Call your Visa/MasterCard Voice Authorization Center.
001 CALL TC Refer to TeleCredit.
001 CALL TK Refer to TeleCheck.
001 CALL WC Refer to Worldcheck.
001 CALL XXXXXXXXXX Call indicated number.
001 ISSUER UNAVAIL NDC cannot contact issuing bank for authorization.
003 INVLD MERCH ID Invalid Merchant ID.
004 PIC UP Authorization declined.
005 DECLINE Authorization declined.
006 REVERSED Requested transaction reversal was successful.
008 AP WITH ID Approved with positive ID. NDC Host does not capture this transaction.
012 INVLD SERV ID Service ID number is incorrect
012 INVALID REQUEST Administrative message contains a syntax error.
012 INVLD TRAN CODE Processing code entered is incorrect. Please refer to valid processing code.
013 INVLD AMOUNT Amount entered is not valid.
014 INVLD ACCT Account number does not pass issuer’s edit checks.
014 INVLD CODE ACCT Valid account number matched with a transaction code for a different card type.
019 PLEASE RETRY NDC’s user tables are set up incorrectly for this account.
054 INVLD EMP DATE NDC GATEWAY requests a retry.
055 PIN INVALID Expired date entered is incorrect.
058 UNAUTH TRANS Incorrect PIN entered.
075 MAX PIN RETRIES A transaction code was used for which you are not setup on the Merchant Master File.
094 AP DUPE Maximum PIN number entry attempts exceeded.
0N1 IN ACCT MATCH Transaction entered is a duplicate.
0N2 INV AMT MATCH The account number entered during a void or adjustment transaction does not match the account number stored in the NDC Host for that item.
0N3 INV ITEM NUM The item number entered for a void or adjustment transaction is incorrect.
0N4 ITEM VOIDED ITEM REVERSED An adjustment or item review was attempted on a transaction previously voided or reversed.
0N5 MUST BALANCE NOW Terminal has not been balanced within time specified in the NDC Merchant Master File for this merchant.
0N6 USE DUP THEN BAL Terminal has not been balanced within time specified in the NDC Merchant Master File for this merchant, but merchant is set up to perform extra transactions before balancing.
0N7 NO DUP FOUND Override transaction is attempted on a non-duplicated transaction.
0N8 INVALID DATA Format of the transaction is incorrect.
0NA NO TRANS FOUND Reversal transaction is attempted on a transaction that is not in the open batch on the host.
0NC AP NOT CAPTURED Approved but not captured (applied to only credit card transactions).
0NE AP AUTH-ONLY Approved but this EDC merchant is not set up to capture this card type (applies only to credit card transactions).
0NF INV BANK Acquiring Bank ID entered is incorrect.
0P0 TRAN TYPE INVLD Transaction not supported by EFT network or EFT Group ID is incorrect.
0P1 APPROVED Merchant is not set up for debit on NDC Merchant Master File.
0P3 DB UNAVAIL 03 NDC GATEWAY Link ID timed out.
0P4 DB UNAVAIL 04 NDC GATEWAY cannot contact EFT network or EFT Group ID is incorrect.
0P5 UNAUTH USER Merchant is not set up for debit on NDC Merchant Master File.
0P6 INVALID CARD Debit card not on issuer file.
0P7 DB ISSUER UNAVAIL EFT network cannot contact issuer.
0P8 INVALID POS CARD Card is not eligible for POS.
0P9 ACCT TYPE INVLD Type of account entered cannot be accessed (checking, savings, etc.)
0PA INVALID PREFIX No sharing arrangement for this card.
0PB INVALID FIID NDC GATEWAY Financial Institution ID not set up.
0S0 VERIFY XXXXXXXXXX Match on SCAN file. XXXXXXXXXX is routing/transit number on the negative file.
0S1 INVALID LIC The license or ID number entered during a check authorization transaction is incorrect.
0S2 INVALID STATE CD State code entered is incorrect.
0T1 EDC UNAVAILABLE EDC application down, try later.
0T2 DB UNAVAIL 01 Problem at NDC routing transaction.
0T3 SCAN UNAVAILABLE SCAN application is down, try later.
121 EXCEEDS MAX AMT Exceeds withdrawal amount limit.
123 EXCEEDS MAX USES Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit.

Additionally, you may see codes relating to address verification.

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