Creating a Wire Out Order from an Incoming Florists Online or Flowers All Hours Order

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You can create a wire out order from an incoming FOL/FAH message order. When you attach an incoming FOL/FAH order, the customer’s account information is updated if the customer is in the database, and the credit card or house account information populates the payment window. The order then is considered a local delivery order. At this point you can change the delivery zone to a wire out zone, and enter the filling florist information. If the address entered is defined in a wire out map zone, this zone will automatically be populated.

If you send an FOL/FAH order to another florist, you lose the ability to view the incoming FOL/FAH wire order from Order Entry. To view the original FOL/FAH wire order information, click the Order Notes button in Order Entry. All of the information from the incoming order is copied into Order Notes.

To create a wire out order from an incoming FOL or FAH order:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Order Entry.
  2. If you are configured as a multi-store environment, from the Store Name list, select your store.
  3. From the Employee list, select your employee name. You can also use your bar code scanner to enter the employee name. Scan the employee ID, and the employee will be selected.
  4. Click Message Center. The Message Center opens.
  5. Enter search criteria to locate the incoming message and click Search.
  6. From the list of messages, double-click on the incoming FOL or FAH order. The order is attached and opens in Order Entry.
  7. Fill out the order as you normally would, ensuring you change the delivery zone to Wire Out (or to a delivery zone of Wire Out type).
  8. In the Florist area, enter the filling florist information.
  9. If there are any additional instructions, enter them in the Special Instructions area.
  10. Click Complete. The Payments window opens. The credit card information from the customer should be populated for you. If the customer placed the order on a house account, the house account should already be selected.
  11. Click Complete.
  12. If required, enter your employee name, password, and optionally any notes in the Audit Trail window and click OK.
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