Automatic Order Processing and Other Wire Services

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Automatic Order Processing (AOP) can also process orders from other wire services in conjunction with the optional Automated Order Interface (AOI). When AOI is used, AOP can process Dove, Bloomlink, and eFlorist orders. Only local orders from Bloomlink, Dove, or eFlorist will be processed by AOP.

To set AOP for other wire services, you need to first select the wire code for that service from the Automatic Order Processing screen in Mercury Administration.


If you use the Automated Order Interface (AOI) to process orders from other wire services, you may not be in compliance with PCI-DSS requirements.

When you select to process Dove or Bloomlink orders, AOP will automatically process orders to the wire service house account configured for that wire service in the same manner that FTD incoming orders are processed. When you select to process eFlorist orders, AOP will attempt to process the order to the customer’s account in the same manner that FOL orders are processed.

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