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The Audit Trail window opens when you perform a task configured to require an employee name and password in Mercury Administration.

Events that may trigger this window include:

  • Adding house accounts
  • Updating customer accounts
  • Editing customer credit cards
  • Merging accounts
  • Receiving payment on an account
  • Creating orders
  • Refunding orders
  • Updating orders

The exact events depend on settings in the Audit Trail screen in Mercury Administration.

When this window opens, you must enter your login name and password. Optionally, you can enter in any notes about the task. FTD Mercury validates the user name and password prior to completing the task. The employee name and any notes are recorded in the Life Cycle tab of the Customer Detail Information window (in the case of customer-related tasks) or in the Ticket Status window (in the case of order-related tasks).

Although some tasks require an employee name and password, many others are recorded in their respective life cycle areas.

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