Additional FTD Mercury X3 Fall Enhancements

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Tax on Finance Charges

The HouseAccount screen in Mercury Administration now includes a Tax Finance Charges check box, enabling florists in states/provinces that require tax on finance charges to apply them automatically. This uses the default store tax rate.

Worksheet Headers

The header on the worksheet now includes the recipient name and address.

Emailing Received on Account Payment Receipts

From the Receive Customer Payment on Account screen, you can now email a payment receipt. The email address for emailing invoices to that customer is used for payment receipts. You can specify an ROA payment cover letter in the Email screen in Mercury Administration. Receipts are not emailed if you are canceling a payment or if the payment amount is zero (when you are updating allocations). When you email a payment receipt, it is tracked in the Customer Life Cycle.

You can also email payment receipts from Ticket Search via the Output Options window. Payments can be printed/emailed regardless of whether the payment has been allocated to tickets.

Cutoff Time for Delivery of Local Orders

You can now set a cutoff time for delivery of local orders in the Store Settings screen of Mercury Administration. Orders entered after your cutoff time will automatically default to the next day's date. The Order Entry and Point of Sale windows now display the day of the week in the Delivery area.

This cutoff date only affects local and pool delivery orders. If you have a multistore environment, transferred orders use the cutoff time of the store receiving the order. If you change the delivery date to a future date, the cutoff time no longer will be applied to the order. Likewise, if you update an order, the cutoff time no longer applies. Attached Mercury Orders will continue to use the date and time of the incoming order.

Employee Window Access for Event Planner

Employee window access is available for the following functions in Event Planner:

  • Access Events
  • Add Events
  • Delete Events
  • Event Planner Setup
  • Send Proposal
  • Update Events

This is handled either via employee in individual employee screens, or from the Window Access screen in Mercury Administration.

Future Balances

Both the Customer Detail Information window and the Receive Customer Payment on Account window include future balances due. This enables you to take prepayments on events and quickly tell what a customer's true account balance is, even if the charges are associated with a sale in the future.

Miscellaneous Enhancements & Defects Fixed

Mercury Delivery

  • Previously, after sorting delivery routes and marking a route delivered, an incorrect route was marked as delivered. The sorting has been corrected so the correct route is marked.
  • When creating delivery routes on two clients, a user was not warned if an order was on a route, making it possible to place an order on two routes. Now, a user will receive a message that the order is already on a route.
  • In Mercury Delivery, the ending date was ignored if the ending date was prior to the start date. Now when the ending date is prior to the start date, the start date will automatically be adjusted to be the end date, and a new end date will be used.
  • In some cases, Mercury Delivery would have an error and close if you attempted to create a route that had a non-order entered via a pushpin. Now routes are created correctly in this circumstance.

Order Entry & Point of Sale

  • Address abbreviation codes no longer appear for cards even if there was no city and state/province specified.
  • You can now update the product description even if the price is unable to be changed (for example, for cash sales or settled credit cards). You still cannot change the price or pay methods.
  • When the delivery date in Order Entry was the same as the delivery date in Funeral Log, the time detail was not being populated into Order Entry from Funeral Log. This has been corrected.

Receive Payment on Account

  • When payments are allocated to multiple tickets, you can now scroll through payments.
  • You are now only prompted about unallocated balances if there truly are unallocated balances for a customer.

Credit Cards

  • FTD Mercury now allows you to cancel declined credit card payments regardless of the date instead of just on the same day.
  • You can now cancel orders with declined credit cards in Point of Sale even if you escape out of the Payments window.


  • In the Aged Analysis Report, the label to select the store was erroneously named Store of Origin; it is now correctly labeled Store.
  • The Product Sales and Product Comparison reports now both exclude incomplete orders.
  • The Product Comparison report totals are accurate when orders with multiple quantities are included.
  • The Tax Exempt Customer report now accurately reflects totals for multi-ticket sales.


  • The Complete button is no longer active while an address is being verified, preventing orders from being completed without the correct fees for the zone.
  • If your system is configured to prompt for probable matches with address verification, FTD Mercury will show a probable match when a number (such as an apartment or suite) is entered before an address. This helps identify that something has changed, because these leading numbers are lost after verification.
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