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Voice authorizations are done if you receive an error or message to contact the credit card company, or if the card was previously rejected and you want to receive verbal authorization from your credit card clearinghouse. You must be a member of the FTD Cash-Flo program to use voice authorization in FTD Mercury.

FTD CashFlo Voice Authorization Numbers

For any voice authorizations please call the FTD Credit Card Dept 800-788-9000 x7246589

Entering Voice Authorization Details for a Credit Card Transaction

Voice authorization is only performed on credit card transactions associated with an order. When you interact with the Credit Card Authorization window, you can only enter information into select fields.

To enter voice authorization for a credit card transaction:

  1. On the Credit Cards menu, click Voice/Resend Authorization. The Unsettled Credit Card Authorizations window opens.
  2. From the Store Name list, select your store name.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Locate the transaction you are entering voice authorization for from the results list and click Voice. The Credit Card Authorization window opens.
  5. In the Cardholder area:
    1. In the Name field, verify the cardholder’s name.
    2. In the Address field, verify the cardholder’s address.
    3. From the Present list, the selected option.
  6. In the Approval area, in the Code field, enter the code provided to you by your credit card clearinghouse.
  7. Click Send.

Once FTD Mercury contacts the credit card clearinghouse, the transaction is authorized.


For security purposes, credit card numbers in this window are masked.

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