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To set up gift certificates in FTD Mercury, add a new product called “Gift Certificate” and set it up like you would any other product. The only unique setup for gift certificates is that you must select Gift Certificate as the statement category when you are setting up the product.

FTD Mercury allows great flexibility when working with gift certificates so you can customize how you want to issue and redeem them. For example, if you have custom gift certificates in your store, you can use the Product Entry window to monitor the quantity that you have on hand. Also, you should consider how the gift certificate should be taxed, according to the tax regulations in your state. Most often gift certificates are set up as tax exempt or no tax.

TIP: FTD Mercury also allows you to use Gift Cards, which can be loaded and redeemed in your shop. For more information about getting set up with Gift Cards, contact FTD Technology Sales at 1-800-767-3222.

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