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The products you sell in your store include your wire service–branded products as well as any custom products that you sell.

Product Codes

Product codes are abbreviations for products you sell in your store. They help you track sales and quantity on hand. Wire service–branded and Selection Guide products are installed in your system for you. FTD Mercury allows you to add your own products, and allows you to enter care and design information for each product in the database. You can also associate pictures with your products.

Product codes also help you when you are processing an order. For example, when a customer requests an FTD-branded product, enter the product’s code and the product information is completed for you. This way, your system knows which product is to be sent, eliminating product entry errors and faulty pricing.

How the Mercury Network Uses Product Codes

How-to Procedures

Using Product Codes in a Mercury Order

When sending a Mercury order, FTD Mercury allows you to enter valid product codes and fills in the description and price for you if the product is set up in your product database. If you type an invalid product code, the system allows you to either add a new product or enter a different product code.

You can enter the product code and then press TAB to allow the system to look up the product for you, or you can click the Search button (…) to browse your product database. You can also type in product descriptions in free form. This allows you to enter descriptions without valid product codes so that, for example, you can enter “similar” to indicate that a similar arrangement of the first choice product is acceptable.

Using Product Codes in Order Entry and Point of Sale

The product areas of the Order Entry and POS Order Entry screens work just like the product area of the Mercury Order Message screen. When entering the product information, type the product code and press TAB to allow the system to search for the product for you, or click the Search button (…) to browse your product database.

Add products that you regularly sell into your product database to reduce order processing time. Wire service–branded products are set up for you.

If you have multiple stores, products are associated with each store. If in Order Entry or Point of Sale you type a product code of a product that is not associated with the logged in store, you receive the following message:

The product code you have entered is not available at this store. Use anyway?

Click Yes to use the product code anyway, or click No to select a different product code. If you select Associate product with all stores and then click Yes, you associate this product with all stores (this message will not appear the next time you select this product at this store).

Searching for Products

You can search for products from the FTD Mercury Main Menu, the Order Entry window, and the Point of Sale window.

Steps for Searching for Products

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