Product Codes and Product Search in Multi-Store Environments

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When performing a product search from Order Entry or Point of Sale, only products associated with the store you are currently logged in to are displayed in the results list. You can select a different store or all stores when searching for products.

If you select a product code that is not associated with the selected store, you are warned with the following message:

The product code you have entered is not available at this store. Use anyway?

If you click Yes, you can use the product anyway. If you click Associate product with all stores and then click Yes, that product will not be placed in local inventory for all stores.

When you search for a product, you can select the store you are searching from the Store Name list. If you select an individual store, only products associated with that store appear in the results list. If you select All Stores, you search all stores in your environment for the product.

By default, if you search for a product from Order Entry, Point of Sale, or the Credit/Debit Memo window, the Store Name will be set to the currently logged in store. If you access Product Search from the Search menu, the Store Name will be set to All Stores.

In the Product Entry window, the Stores area displays a list of stores where the product is available. When you enter a new product, by default, the product is available for all stores. You can deselect individual stores if you want to limit the product to certain stores.

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